Three Trailers Down is the extended story that began in Smoke and Murders. Although this may be regarded as a sequel it is a complete novel. After the small town of Vinyard is about to settle down after the murders of an entire family, new problems arise to keep the gossip pot boiling. The story follows the Lieutenant that ran the Vinyard police department and was caught and fired for multiple criminal offenses. Intrigue, murders, sex and money drive just about all the characters in Three Trailers Down, at least, the more sophisticated ones. The rest take life as they find it Douglas Chandler Graham tried to get dozens of organizations to look at the arrest and trial of Earl Bramblett in the five years after his trial while on death row. All were overloaded with other cases they were working, which should give some indication of justice in America, or the lack thereof. High profile cases give the impression every fact is checked and all evidence is examined. In the dark courtrooms of America “justice” is whatever the court determines, the law be damned. A prime example of this is on the ten year old website > There was no justice in that trial and it cost Bramblett his life.