This novel is the sequel to Smoke and Murders, the novel about the

murders of the Hodges family in Vinton, VA in 1994. It's not necessary to

read Smoke and Murders to enjoy this story. This is a complete novel.







by Douglas Chandler Graham

Intrigue, murders, sex, and money bring life to just about all of the characters of author Douglas Chandler Graham's mysterious and spine-tingling novel, Three Trailers Down. This gripping narrative continues where Smoke and Murders left off.

Although considered as a sequel, Three Trailers Down is a complete novel in itself. After the small town of Vinyard was about to settle down after the murders of an entire family, new problems arise, keeping the gossip pot boiling. The story follows the exploits of Vinyard Police Department Lieutenant Bill Kenny, after being caught and fired for multiple criminal offenses.

The tale continues as Kenny's life intertwines with mysterious and bizarre characters of the small town, leading him to discover secrets and hushed occurrences. As the narrative comes close to its conclusion, readers will discover how a little town such as Vinyard can hold as stage to large and unspeakable things.

Painted with impressive characters and a unique plot, Three Trailers Down will leave readers asking for more.




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